"There are those who never grow up and then there those who grow up at such a young age"

Replying to Facebook messages I forgot about

Anonymous asked:
Okay lol so you don't cook them same place I get it, but is the halal meat you have zabihah

Noor el Jabal

For chicken


For beef

Anonymous asked:
Where do you get your meat from and do you cook halal meat on the same place as your cook your pork?

I cook the halal meat in the same exact trays as the pork at the same exact time. Then I extract the pork juice and infuse it into the halal meat afterwards, then I just wave my hands over it and say bismillah

Two new reviews yesterday one five star and one four star (idk why though, tough critic)

Going to be introducing a Halal 12 hour roast brisket sandwich made in a similar style

A customer gave me a set of tickets for a day on the wine train in Napa…. I just want to ride on the train through the valley tbh and eat the food they serve….the food…..food