Finally almost done getting the business open. It’s been been so much work but I’m in the end inshallah it’ll all be worth it. If you want you can follow our progress on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook @Luigis_f.

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    if i was only on the west coast :/
  2. jennafrounfelter said: So proud of you Omar! Keep it up, it really looks amazing. :)
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  5. khushamdeed said: Omar I’m super happy for you. May Allah swt put barakah in your business, it’ll be very successful iA.
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    I’m so happy for you!
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    HEY IM EATING THIS MONDAY OPENING DAYYYY!!! omar I gotchu. I’ll be there at 10am (+arab timing)
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    that looks so bomb-diggity! we will drive all the way up there for the grand opening.
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    We’ll be your first customers Insha’Allah =) looks amazing!
  12. thelusttowander said: it looks so YUMMY DAMN
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  14. sublime-supreme said: There really is a God lol
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  17. egyptianprincess said: Do you guys deliver to nyc
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